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The Tafe family

Hi James, recently I had someone ask me if I could give them any advice after they had a significant house fire and it brought back memories as you can imagine. I told them the best advice I could offer is to give you a call and see if you could be of help. I went on to tell them how my house fire horrified my wife and twin 7-year-olds, my dog, and myself, having all been in bed sleeping at the time and being awaken to such a scary situation.
Anyway, I told them the first time I knew I had made a wise choice was when you told me not to accept a trailer on my front lawn that you would make sure I got an apartment. Well, when I see people with trailers on their front lawns after a house fire I think of the completely furnished 3 bedrooms, 2 bath house, laundry room, full kitchen, dining room, living room and full basement with a playroom and a large yard for the dog and kids to play in that we got because of you. And it was in our school district so my son and daughter went to the same school and it helps to keep their life a little more normal, that was really helpful. When you told me my wife and kids didn’t need to wake up every morning, look at our burnt house and relive the fire in a cold trailer as we were approaching the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas I think now I would have never known I had a choice and would have settle for a trailer. My wife and I sometimes think back which is more often then you can imagine, we reflect on all the friends, neighbors, and people like yourself that helped us though a very traumatic time of our lives. Now we walk into our beautiful home we share with our wonderful kids and realize we are a blessed family. So thanks again for all your help, you guys at Rubin and Rosen are great.
PS: My friend Molly that had all the damage from Hurricane Sandy still thanks me whenever she sees me for referring you, she loves her rebuilt home in Long Beach. Be safe, Keep in touch!

With sincere gratitude