Burglary Theft and Vandalism Insurance Claims

Have you been victimized by Burglary, Theft or Vandalism?

Unfortunately, homes, businesses and other properties can be subject to vandalism, burglary and theft. Thankfully, several policies now cover this form of loss.

Rubin & Rosen Adjusters is professionally prepared to address your vandalism, theft and burglary claims.

A wide variety of claims are covered under this umbrella:



Burglary – The unlawful or unapproved entrance into a home or other occupied dwelling with materials or items missing. This typically covers all genre of items, such as jewels, as well as doors, windows and other entrance mechanisms.

Theft – This typically refers to items on the exterior of the dwelling such as, bicycles, lawn equipment, heating units and pool accessories as well.

Vandalism – Many homes are vacant and often experience vandalism. Being an owner of the property, entitles you to policy compensation.

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What do we do for you?

We report the burglary, theft or vandalism claim to your carrier if you haven’t and will contact them to let them know that we represent the details of your claim. All further negotiations are to be addressed to us.

A meeting is scheduled by us for the carrier’s adjuster and our adjuster to meet and discuss the extent of the damage. If the carrier has already made a report of damage, we make our own assessment and meet with them afterwards at the site.

Following a property meeting and presentation of an assessment with our estimation, negotiations resume until an agreement is met. Additional visits and a third party are sometimes required to complete the process. You do not have to attend the meetings, as our company will represent you.

After an acceptable settlement is reached, the offer is presented to you for review and acceptance.

In the event of displacement, or loss of revenue, we assist you through the reimbursement process, if your policy allows.