The Rubin & Rosen Contribution

1 – We are gainfully skilled and knowledgeable to represent all size claims.

2 – The adjusters are fully comprehensive and aware of the various types of insurance policies, and statutes of New York that exceed quite a few polices.

3 – We are extremely knowledgeable in statues, policies and coverage and we use it to get the best settlement terms for all of your losses.

4 – We are a fully accommodating Public Adjusting Company, staffed with full-time adjusters for the public sector. Our specialty is Public Adjusting and that is what we focus on for you. We handle insurance claims daily and professionally. The knowledge and skills that we possess benefit our clients by reducing stress, maximizing your settlement amount, and work for you.

5 – Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday, with emergency hours provided. Our office manager is always available by phone.


Our Commitment:

To relieve your stress by professionally handling the insurance claim for you.

To get the recovery amount you are entitled to for your Fire/Smoke or Flood damage claim.

To be an honorable and diligent that is committed to assist the community for as many years as possible.