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Sarah Campbell

I could not say enough wonderful things about this company. They handled our very difficult and complicated insurance claim with the utmost professionalism and expertise. This is the company I never knew that I definitely needed, and the outcome of this difficult situation was made a thousand times easier thanks to James, Dave, and the entire team at Rubin and Rosen. If you EVER need to file an insurance claim, DO NOT do it without these adjusters. They made the world of difference for our family and we could not be happier with the outcome. We’re finally on the road to the rebuild of our home.

Edit- I thought I had posted this review MONTHS ago, and I never hit post!! ‍ I just came back to this review to post an update because I am just continuously blown away by James Guercio and his team and Rubin and Rosen. We have been back in our home now for over a month, and there are just SO. MANY. THINGS. that need to be done after the fact. After you think that the claim is settled and over, things just keep coming up that need to be submitted to the insurance company and handled professionally. I’m a pretty detailed and organized person and I would be SO lost without James. His official “job” for our claim was literally over months ago, yet, he has stuck by my every email and text to ensure that everything is finalized properly and that we get the outcome that we need. (We settled for over $100,000 more than what the insurance company initially offered us.)

I do not know how people are able to get through home disasters without public adjusters. I would have happily given them 5 times their fee. It gives me anxiety to this day just thinking about how things would have gone without James.

Thank you SO much, you guys. From the very bottom of our hearts.