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Olga and Daniel Mulligan

Date of Posting: March 1, 2011

Floral Park, New York

“We were never prepared to deal with a disaster (such as a fire) in our lives. Such was the case when we had to deal with our home burning down. We were not at all prepared, nor knowledgeable about the enormous task and demands that are required to putting your life back in order. Within hours of the fire, our adjuster stepped right in and took all the necessary steps to make a disastrous time for us into a smooth running transitional period. Immediately after the fire, R&R arranged for services providers to take care of our home and salvageable property. Our insurance policy and claims were explained to us step by step in laymen’s terms so we understood our rights. Our adjuster was able to provide us with immediate answers to all of our questions and concerns. He is an excellent liaison between us and the insurance company and has given us constant assurance that we are his priority, not the insurance company. Our adjuster knows the “ins and outs” of the insurance claim process and has saved us hours of work and months of aggravation and heartache. He was also able to provide us with an excellent referral for a contractor to rebuild our home.”