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Judith and Gareth. NYC

Around midnight on January 21st, 2015, our Victorian caught fire. It was always going to happen, we just did not know that. Could not know that.

The fire started behind a fireplace, in a wall. The fireplace looked sound but, because of some ill-advised work done by the former homeowners, it was not.

Whether you are reading this because you have suffered a fire or a flood or some other calamity, one thing we share is we both know how disorienting this moment is. And while you do have our very real sympathy, what you actually need is help.


I will not sugar coat this and say the path back is easy. It is not. Worse, the insurance company is no longer your friend. The insurance company adjuster is not looking out for you. What you need right now, more than anything, is someone on your side.

We chose to retain Rubin and Rosen. And you should too.

At this moment, you are wondering “Is it worth committing part of the final settlement to hiring James Guercio and his company?” All I can offer you is our experience.

For us, the answer was a resounding yes.

I make no exaggeration when I state that I have simply no idea how it was James got the settlement he did.

Our structural and personal property settlements were more than 40 and 50% larger than those offered by the insurance company. And that was not the end of the road. During the restoration, we found we had to undertake additional work to bring the repairs into line with the current NYC Department of Buildings code. Do you know if such code upgrades are covered by your policy? Did you know such a rider even existed? We didn’t, but Rubin and Rosen did. That was another $79,000 the insurance company didn’t mention.

We finally moved back home in November 2017. And the home we moved back into was not only every bit as lovely as it was on January 20th, 2015, but it was also far, far better. And I can honestly say that without James there is no way that would be true.

I wish you well as you start the journey back. Just don’t try and do it alone. Call James.