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Fran Favaloro

Date of Posting: 25 February 2011 Brooklyn, New York

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of public adjusters Rubin and Rosen and especially James Guercio.

Last January my parents suffered a fire at their home of 40 years. Our first and foremost concern was that of their safety and health as well as the safety and health of their tenants and neighbors. We then watched helplessly and in horror, as windows were broken, water was pouring out of the building and my parents’ possessions were literally being thrown from the windows. Once the fire department left, we were able to go inside to survey the damage to the house, we couldn’t believe the damage. The inside of the house was unrecognizable. Since we had never suffered such a loss we were left confused and overwhelmed at the situation.

Soon thereafter we met James Guercio and to this day my mom calls him her “guardian angel.” James met with my parents who are senior citizens and gave all of us a sense of hope and encouragement. He reassured us that while it would take time, my parents would once again move back into their home. As you can imagine we all had questions. James answered our immediate questions was always available to answer our calls when additional questions arose. He worked diligently with my parents’ best interest in mind always. He kept up aware of key appointments and would update us on the status of our insurance claim regularly. He even came by and visited my parents to make sure they were okay!

The office staff at Rubin and Rosen was also a pleasure to work with. In the time it took to for my parents to move back into their home they got to know me on a first name basis. The personal attention of my family and I received was greatly appreciated.

My parents are back at home now. Each time we hear a fire truck pass we stop and reflect on our experience and while we do not wish the horror of a fire on anyone, we are truly grateful to James Guercio and the staff at Rubin and Rosen for their professionalism and kindness.