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Ettore Daddi

John Marciano and his colleagues at Rubin & Rosen did an excellent job in representing my family against our insurance company. Our home was destroyed in a fire and our insurance company was overburdened with claims and could not give us the time of day and when they did they were always “a day late and a dollar short”. John and his colleagues were a necessary help in being there for us through the entire process and making sure that our insurance company did not cheat us out of what our policy covered us for. God forbid if you ever have a fire! Your insurance company will do whatever it takes so they can save as much as possible and you’ll be left with a lot less than what you had. Insurance companies do not care about you, all they care about is collecting premiums, and when it comes time to pay a claim to a devastated family they cheat you where ever they can. John and his colleagues at Rubin and Rosen care about there clients. When they were done, my claim was 30% higher than what the insurance company originally offered me. When you are rebuilding an entire house that is a lot of money and it makes Rubin and Rosen worth every penny. There is no way I could have leveraged that from my insurance company without the hard work and support of Rubin & Rosen. Thank you, John! You were our knight in shining armor and we will never forget the help you gave to our family!