Insurance Claim Adjusters

The Firm of Rubin and Rosen Adjusters, Inc., are professionally skilled consultants who are dedicated to processing your loss claim throughout the entire process. We implement a skilled and detailed oriented strategy to assess any and all damages that you have incurred. Initially, we devise an estimate that provides complete details on the necessary requirements to reassemble or restore your house and/or place of business. This estimate is given in addition, to any other required plans or intent of development to your insurer.

Once the insurance company has reviewed and analyzed the extent of the damage your home or business has suffered, negotiations between us and the insurance company begins. This process allows us to negotiate a settlement that is in the best regard of the insured. Our process includes assessment of damage via a detailed oriented estimate, as well as providing the necessary support to conduct vigorous inventory of all damaged contents and their value at the time of damage.

The loss of any time in work hours, rental units or any alternate living arrangements that required payment by the insured is also assessed. It is our obligation and priority to render estimates of costs, detailed inventory and all other required documentation to move your claim forward as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. The insured is our primary priority and we work diligently with the adjusters to settle a claim that is appropriate and admissible to you.