Quick note To simplify your experience, we’ve composed a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions. We update this section often, so be sure to check for changes periodically. Any questions that you may have for our adjusters can be asked by selecting the button labelled “Call Us” for needed assistance.

Description of a property claim

A property claim is identified as damages imposed to a dwelling or structure that the insurance policy covers. This includes damages such as Fire/Smoke, Damaged plumbing units, mold, theft and burglary, hurricane and the list goes on. Usually, once damage happens to a business or home, the owner of the property contacts their insurance carrier. The carrier develops a claim and sends an adjuster out to the property to assess the damages.

The Role of the Adjuster

The adjuster is responsible for assessing the damage and deciding what monetary amount you are due for the damage. There are three categories of adjusters.

  • Company/Staff Adjuster – This is an adjuster that is employed by the insurance company.
  • Public Adjuster – This adjuster is not employed by a particular insurance company but instead serves the public. They are sometimes termed private adjusters as well. He will file the claim on your behalf and work to get you the settlement that you deserve for the damages that you have endured. Public Adjusters do require a fee, however, as a claimant, your settlement is typically larger than it would be without their assistance. In addition to the increase in settlement amount, you don’t have to stress through the claims process. They are generally compensated on a percentage basis of the settlement that is collected for your damages. The percentage amount varies among adjusters.
  • Independent Adjuster -This adjuster typically services multiple insurance companies especially during disastrous situations such as, hurricanes. Catastrophic situations usually leave insurance companies under staffed in the department of adjusters and they hire independent adjusters. This type of adjuster works to protect and ensure the best interest of the insurance carrier.

Do I need a Public Adjuster, my insurance adjuster will be fair right?

In our years of experience, we’ve found this to be less likely to be the result of your claim. The adjuster of your insurance company is employed by, committed to and receives compensation from the insurance company. It’s a business process and protection of the bottom line is guarded by the adjuster. If at all possible, the insurance company’s adjuster will choose to repair instead of replace. In the event of hurricanes, the out of state adjusters they utilize are not at all acquainted with the codes and statures of the state in which you live. Choosing to work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster without assistance, is parallel to choosing to facilitate a surgery with no medical training. The claimant should always have personal representation from an adjuster that works on their behalf.

Don’t I lose a porting of my settlement if I enlist the services provided by Rubin & Rosen Adjusters?

This is a very common myth. We process the claim, maximize your reimbursement, and this dramatically addresses our fee.

How is the claim prepared by a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters are professionally trained in conducting negotiations and they skilfully utilize the services rendered by engineers, appraisers, accountants and a variety of other skilled professionals as well. They strategically assess the evidence and carefully document all needed information to maximize your settlement.

Once my claim has been resolved by the Insurance Company, can I still enlist the services of a Public Adjuster?

The answer to this question varies but usually, you can.

The law of New York offers a period of a few years to initiate another claim following the date of the initial loss. If you have doubts regarding the terms of your claim, we are here to help you.

We strategically assess the conditions of your claim and offer you our expert advice.

Can I get a second opinion once my claim has been denied?

You absolutely can! A large group of our clients were denied initially and we revisited the case, conducted negotiations with the insurance company, and suggest that they compensate the necessary damages.

Will a Public Adjuster get me a larger settlement?

Usually it occurs that a Public Adjuster will get more from the insurance company than if you go it alone. This is usually because he will presents your claim in a more experienced and calculated manner than you are prepared or trained to do.

A claim that carries significant details will typically end in a greater award value. We assess each piece of evidence, strategically and with great precision, assessing the site of loss and documenting the extent of the damage.

Studies have indicated that claims carried out without the assistance of a Public Adjuster are typically not processed in completion.

Who utilizes the Public Adjuster services?

Various individuals, businesses and experts including accountants, business owners and insurance adjusters are among the many that utilize the services of Public Adjusters. After a person has received the assistance of a Public Adjuster, chances are, they will never attempt to settle a claim without them again.

Can my insurance company terminate the contract if I enlist the services of a Public Adjuster?

This is not allowed and would constitute extreme violations if your insurance company infringes this discrimination upon you for executing the rights you are granted by the laws of the state of New York.

How do I determine if you can help me?

We offer a free consultation that constitutes no commitment on your part. Call us at any time to schedule an appointment to review your claim.

Does the claim carry a minimum value restriction?

We can offer our professional opinion based on the review of your claim. Our goal is to offer our services on an as need basis and consider no claim based on its size.

What is the fee associated with the hiring of a Public Adjuster?

Standardized fees for these services is a delicate percentage of your recovery amount given by the insurance carrier. Financial Services Department of New York govern the fees that are paid to the adjuster.