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We've Got You Covered!


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Fire or Smoke Damage

If you suffer Fire or Smoke damage to your property, here some guidelines to follow after the fire is contained and the ashes settle.

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water damage

Water & Flood Damage

The water loss you have just suffered can be very draining emotionally and financially. You are going to need the right people on your side.

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Wind Damage

Wind and storm

We will ease the burden of dealing with your Insurance co. and ensure that you receive everything you’re entitled to under your policy.

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Public Adjusters of New York and New Jersey

Anytime your home or other dwelling has been ruined or severely damaged, it is essential that you protect your property and the interest of your investment by enlisting the services of a Rubin and Rosen. We can provide the assistance you need by helping you to work through the entire insurance process. A Rubin and Rosen Public Adjuster is expertly trained in analyzing the extent of the damage to the property in order to make a proper assessment.

Experts in Damage Assessment

Rubin and Rosen Public Adjusters have the experience necessary to make a professional assessment of the damaged property utilizing their skill and knowledge of insurance policies and the guidelines that structure the claim process. During every phase of the assessment, they have the best interest of the client in mind and are committed to maximizing their claim amount. Our insurance adjusters will see to it that the client receives a fair settlement. At no time does the client have to worry about the fees that are due for the services provided because the fees are collected from the settlement. We are confident that they will settle your claim and their fee has no effect on the amount of settlement that you are granted.

We Work Endlessly While You Recover

  • We arrange and attend all meetings for your convenience
  • All negotiations are handled by us from this point onward
  • There is no paperwork or documents for you to review until you settle
  • We counteract all offers that we feel unreasonable before presenting to you

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